Rescued Feb 2014 Adopted Dec 2014

I received a call in February 2014 from a lady saying there is a man who has two young Sibes he is no longer interested in keeping. Both these dogs were permanently on chains and so it was imperative we arrange a rescue as soon as possible. Whilst in the process of doing this however, we received word that the dogs managed to break free and escape from the yard. Several days later we were able to eventually retrieve the male but sadly, to this day, never found the female.

And so began Silver’s journey with Husky Rescue. I was away at the time Silver was found and I arranged with good friends and mutual husky lovers to pick him up and foster him for me. He spent a number of weeks with them but then circumstances changed and they were no longer able to foster him for me, one of the reasons being that he had started fighting with the other males. I then placed him in boarding due to my concern that he would upset the delicate balance of my pack of 30 odd huskies that live in the same space together.

A couple of very long months passed before a possible home came up. I was not directly involved with the screening of this potential home, it was arranged by the people of the facility where he was housed. One week after he was placed, I did a follow up visit and immediately upon arrival, I had my reservations about the success of this home. The people were lovely but the environment was all wrong. Farm with palisade fencing and free range live stock and poultry was for me, an accident waiting to happen.

Sure enough a week later I received a call from the new owners saying Silver had escaped from their farm and killed 25 chickens on the neighbor’s farm. They are no longer able to give him a home. So back to the boarding facility he went.silver2

I visited him regularly to take him out for walks. As each day went by it was becoming more and more difficult to get him back inside the kennel and his anguished howls as I walked away shattered my heart and soul. I was becoming desperate to find this boy a good home, but there was just nothing in sight. I then made the decision to try and integrate him at home.

So early one Saturday morning I loaded Ruby, one of the huskies in our care, into the car, and we left our farm in Cato Ridge and drove through to PMB to re-home her. After introductions went well and contract was signed, I rushed off to fetch Silver. Rushed back down to Cato Ridge, dropped him off and picked up another husky, Apollo, and took him to his new home. After the introductions and contract were done and dusted, I finally headed home. Re-homing Ruby and Apollo freed up some space for Silver to come home.

In the meantime my mom and Shannon, a husky volunteer, decided to integrate Silver into the main husky pack, and by the time I got home he was well settled in, thank goodness because, by then I was also dead on my feet.

The weeks went by and we had a few hairy moments and a couple of drops of blood spilt between Silver and our other big boys, but fortunately nothing unmanageable. But it sure kept us on our toes. And then finally, a breakthrough at last and a message on Face Book, which lead to an email, and Silver finally being adopted.

After an extremely long day on the 31 of December 2014 I finally received a message from Sandra and Nick saying Silver had arrived safely in his new home in Cape Town via a long wait and plane flight. The days that followed were filled with regular messages and photos from Sandra with updates on Silver.

Well, if there was ever a match made in heaven it certainly was with Silver, Sandra and Nick. The pictures speak a thousand words but here is also message from Sandra in her own words:

“Hi Charnell, I can’t even begin to tell you how much love we have for Silver. And him for us! He is so bonded to me it’s incredible. I can’t move a meter without him being right by my side. He has this uncanny ability to convert his dinner to rocket fuel. The task is normally done around 5 am then he takes off like a loopy. He loves to jump into bed with us and cuddle. It’s just too cute. He nestles into me and nibbles gently on my hand. I JUST LOVE IT!! He is like my own real life little bear. I take him for a walk every morning alternating between the park and the beach, swimming and jumping over waves. I’ve joined three leads together to give him more space and save me from having to swim each time too. Silver often looks back at me and smiles with thanks. It makes my heart burst. I want to borrow a Go Pro video camera so I can get a video for you. Normally after his walks he is out for the count, fast asleep most of the day. In the afternoons he always comes to tell me to play. He LOVES his toys. He’s even learnt how to collect them off the shelf and entertain himself. He is such a darling boy. Hope you and the babies are well. Xxx”

silver3Silver waited 18 months to find his happy story.... 9 months on a chain and then another 9 months in foster care and boarding facilities. It was a long wait my boy, but it was worth it. 

PS: Just when you thought his story was finished.... I received a whatsapp message from Sandra late in March... “Hi Charnell. I hope you are well. I have some bitter sweet news I want to share with you before you see it on Face book. We adopted a friend for Silver from the Swartland SPCA. I had hoped to get another of your babies but when I saw the post about her on FB I felt I just had to help her. She was so helpless and desperate. She’s a silver grey husky girl. Was picked up as a stray so they have no history for me. We took Silver to meet her last week and it went well. I could not have been prouder of my boy this morning when we brought Agora home. He welcomed her in with a wagging tail. He is patient and gentle with her and even happy to share his bed and treats. I think he is happy to have someone to play with. He is such an angel child. I will take some pics and share with you. Much love xxx”

Well done my boy.... I am proud of you...