Callie was perhaps the strangest looking husky I had ever laid eyes on. In fact I was dead sure that she was a case of mistaken identity until I saw one little blue eye look up at me.

It’s anybody’s guess how long Enya might have been wandering the streets and beaches of a remote rural area on the lower South Coast of KZN

It’s was December and the festive mood was definitely growing with each day as we moved towards holidays and Christmas. I had a gap between seeing patients so I took a moment to breathe. Then my phone rang.... 

I first saw Silver on a Facebook post from KZN Husky Rescue. Something about him caught my attention. At the time we were living in Brazil and there was no possible way we could adopt him.

Nikki was a young female husky rescued by another animal welfare group from a life on a chain, little or no food and being bred every season.

Shadow was rescued from the streets of Springfield with a snare around his back leg. It was clear that he had been a stray for some time as he was in a poor condition.

In February 2014 I received a call from a lady saying there is a man who has two young Sibes he is no longer interested in keeping. Both these dogs were permanently on chains and so it was imperative we arrange a rescue as soon as possible

It’s anyone’s guess what happened to Anouk but after a few moments of thought I think we can accurately assume he had been abandoned by his previous owners.

Is this a husky.... no! Is this a wolf... no! She is in fact an Alaskan Malamute!!

To rescue, rehabilitate and rehome – that is our mission. Rehabilitate, however, doesn’t always mean taking dogs like Enya and Shadow that have serious illnesses and injuries and making them better, it’s also about dogs like Blaze, that have behaviour problems.

My cousin suggested I “like” the HRKZN facebook page. I did... Not long after that 3 adults and 3 puppies were surrendered to HRKZN. I happened to see the post and mentioned I would be interested in adopting a puppy.

The last thing on Candice’s mind as she was taking her foster furchild, Tyson, for an early evening walk a few days after Christmas, was finding a corpes lying in the veldt on her route...

Ash, a cross husky was found wondering near the Virginia bush and rescued by a passer-by and taken to a nearby veterinary clinic. This veterinary clinic has a soft spot for welfare cases and gladly took him in.

Most good stories have a sad undertone that makes us realize how lucky we are. Our companions have a love for us that we ourselves couldn’t write in words...but, I’ll try...