Please note that if you drive a bakkie, it is not safe to allow the dog to ride in an open back, even tied up. You will either need to fit a canopy or allow the dog inside the car.

Terms & Conditions

  • I hereby confirm that I have answered all questions above truthfully and accurately.
  • I have read up on the needs of the breed (read this article - So You Want A Husky?) and understand what the breed requires and will undertake to do whatever is necessary to provide for a happy and healthy husky.
  • As a new owner of a husky, I understand that I will be responsible for making sure that my husky gets the mental & physical stimulation it needs and gets medical attention when required within at least 6 hours.
  • I understand that my husky must be provided with adequate food & water and shelter always.
  • I understand that huskies are very social dogs and love to be part of a pack – ideally, I need to let my husky be a part of my family with indoor access, lots of playtime and on-leash walks.
  • I understand that if I'm at work for long hours every day a single husky will be lonely and might exhibit destructive behaviour.
  • I also understand the financial commitment involved in adopting a husky which includes:
    - Annual vaccinations are around R350 depending on your vet
    - De-worming every 3 months at around R100,
    - Good quality food @ R400 per month,
    - Tick & flea prevention R120 per month,
    - A kennel, doggie beds / blankets, treats etc.
  • I understand that a commitment in adopting one of these dogs could be for the next 5 to 15 years depending on the age of the husky I adopt.
  • I am aware that the adoption fee is R850 (or R650 each if you are adopting two). Puppies are R1000. I understand that full payment is due when the dog arrives at my house.