Husky Rescue KZN
Husky Rescue KZN rescues stray and unwanted huskies as far as our capacity and financial resources allows us to. We treat, sterilize, microchip, rehabilitate and foster these huskies until we can find appropriate homes for them. Given their unique nature and needs, our adoption process is very strict. We take care of an average of 50 huskies at any given time. The running costs of taking care of our dogs are nothing short of R30 000 a month. Sometimes they are with us for as short a time as a week. Most of our dogs are with us for several months before we find them a good home. Some of our rescues have been with us since 2010 – we call them our Golden Oldies.
The Breed

The Siberian husky is a breed unsurpassed by any other, except their relatives. The more familiar you become with this breed, the more you will grow to love his independent, intelligent, and free-spirited nature. Unfortunately, there is another side to the Siberian because of the very nature of his personality. People often take ownership of these dogs because of their unique blue eyes and intriguing wolf-like looks – only to discover very soon that they require hard work and dedication. The Sibe is a companion animal with special needs, and as a result is a very misunderstood breed. People do not research the nature of this breed adequately before owning one, and are then often not able to cope as the Sibe matures. As a result, the Siberians end up abused and neglected, chained up, caged or simply abandoned. Alternatively, they find themselves locked up in animal shelters. The tragedy of this however, is that they are one of the two most euthanized breeds of dog in shelters throughout the world because of their inability to cope with confinement for indefinite periods. (The Pitbull is the other breed)

Currently there is a worldwide crisis with the Siberian as they are being over-bred by unscrupulous backyard breeders because they have gained so much popularity in recent times. Movies like 8 Below and Balto have contributed towards their popularity but recently Game of Thrones has severely impacted on the crisis of unwanted Sibes. We recently received a Facebook message from a UK shelter asking us for advise because they could not cope with the influx of unwanted huskies. The US shelters are overflowing as well, with many huskies coming in with the actual names of the dire wolf dogs from the series Game of Thrones.

There are five dedicated Husky Shelters in South Africa, and this alone should tell you the crisis we have with unwanted huskies. We are all constantly full, and sadly having to turn dogs away.

Please do your breed research first before taking on a husky – and once you take on a Husky, this should become a life-long commitment.

Animal Assisted Therapy
Studies have been carried out to prove the value of these types of therapy, and accounts of successes in these fields are innumerable. The South African Depression and Anxiety Group (SADAG) endorses the benefits of animal therapy with people suffering from Autism, PTSD and other conditions. It is our desire to use these rescued animals in AAA to reach out to people in need, from children in remedial settings to adults seeking individual counselling. We also hope to branch into assisting adolescnets who need to witness in courtrooms. I believe that while emotionally injured people are caring for, and working with abused or neglected animals, there will be a positive rebound effect on them. The feelings of unconditional love, acceptance, and the sense of achievement in re-socializing broken animals, will automatically open the gates to healing in their own lives. There are no canine orientated animal assisted therapy programs in KZN that I am aware of. As a Registered Professional Nurse with trauma and psychiatric experience; and a Certified Animal Assisted Activity Professional, running a registered NPO Animal Welfare Rescue Organisation for Siberian Huskies, I believe I am well suited to offer this service.
Our ARROHHH Vision
The Lebanon ARROHHH (pronounced ‘arrow’) is the Association for the Rescue and Rehabilitation of Humans, Huskies and Horses. Our ultimate vision is procure and develope a working farm and bring Husky Rescue KZN and Animal Assisted Therapy Programs together where we use our rescued huskies (and eventually horses) to work with people who have suffered emotional traumas. This human/animal partnership will aid each other in a mutual process of healing, and the result is the empowering of ‘survivors’ and ‘victors’! There is abundant evidence to prove the value of using animals to work with people who are in emotionally broken.

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