‘Animal Assisted Activities (AAA) provides opportunities for motivational, educational, recreational, and/or therapeutic benefits to enhance quality of life’.

In 2002 we had the very special privilege of bringing home the first two Huskies that Charnell had decided to buy from a pet shop. These were the early days when we were still very naïve.

Huskies are typical pack dogs and LOVE to be with their human and canine friends. We do not recommend keeping a husky as a single dog as they are often very lonely, get depressed and resort to destructive behaviour.

The evil of backyard breeders and the complicated wolf dog....

Running a rescue sounds easy enough. I mean you find a stray, you take it in, give it some food and medical attention when required, give it a bath and you find it a new home. Easy enough and anyone can do it right? Wrong!